Continuous Ink Jet Printer are dedicated for non-contact and direct products' marking on production lines. They are used for simple outprints, such as date of manufacture, batch number, serial number, etc., directly on the product or its packaging. Due to the small size of the print head, they are used in most sectors of industry. Wide range of offered devices and consumables can match the right solution to specific application requirements.

  Number of Lines 1-4 lines

  Nominal Character Range Up to
     34 dot font

  Single button startup/shutdown 
      Automatic Flush Printhead

  Text, Logo, Barcode and 
      Datamatrix printing





High-Resolution Inkjet Printer SIGNA series 300

DJ320 is a stand alone compact printer. Unique features of clicking and draging to build a print message by 4.3" touch screen.

 ►DJ320 provides a simple way to create print message on the 4.3" touch screen directly, even a new user can access quickly. Multi-language interface is supportable.
 Plug and print design: Ink delivery system uses cartridge with no downtime and mess-free cartridge changes during printing.
 The print message is able to edit on a PC using DJS300 software and transmit the message to printer via thumb driver as DJ310.